Choosing a Scratch and Dent Appliance

drYou can save a lot of money by buying appliances for your home that have a slight scratch or dent. True, the appliance will not be perfect but in most cases you will not even notice where the scratch or dent is. For most homeowners, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars by going to a retail appliance supplier that offers you slightly dented appliances as an option.

If you are building a new home you understand how much everything can cost. Of course, you want to purchase the highest quality products that you can afford. In many cases when you spend that extra cash on quality appliances it will save you money in the long run. The reason why this is true is because quality appliances last longer. You will not need to have a serviceman visit your home soon after you have purchased the appliances and present you with the bill for costly repairs.

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Also, as a homeowner undertaking a new construction project you will come to realize which areas, including dented appliances, can save you the most money. The truth of the matter is that many of the dents and scratches that appliances have are in locations that are never seen. For example, you may have a dent on the lower side of a refrigerator but when you place it next to the cabinets, you will never see it.

This could be the same for your washer and dryer combination. If there is a noticeable dent on the side of the dryer for example, simply make sure that you place that side next to the washer. Talk to your plumber in advance to make sure that he places the water lines for the washer in the proper location.

You can also camouflage a minor scratch on an appliance in a variety of ways. Let’s say that you are considering purchasing a refrigerator that has a scratch on the upper freezer door that is quite apparent. To camouflage a scratch like this you will need to place something over the scratch. If you have children, you could put some of their most recent artwork to cover the scratch.

With a little forethought you should be able to hide any unsightly scratch or dent from most appliances. By doing so you will be saving yourself valuable resources that you can use in other areas of your home. Therefore, do not be shy about buying an appliance that has a dent or scratch.